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How To Have Sex With Girls At Parties

Now since you are on my site that means you’re a confident badass and have been to parties before which is exactly why I’m going to be showing you how to get girls at parties so the next time you go out to a party use these tips and comment back here after you’ve slayed all the party bitches.

Now before I get into the play by play some general tips would be to make sure you actually socialize at the party and don’t be that guy that just texts in the corner all alone. Hang out with your friends drink if you’re into it and don’t get pressured into drinking if you don’t want to and make friends with the people who typically throw parties and show them a good time when they’re there so they keep inviting you back that doesn’t mean kiss up to them but just make sure you talk to people and have fun so you’re an A Lister on their invite list. Now to the play by play!

Step 1 – Dress Well

This kind of goes without saying but you be surprised at the amount of guys I see a parties dressed like douches. If it’s a toga party then put on a toga. If it’s like Star Wars then go as Darth Vader. Don’t be that guy that can’t be bothered with dressing up and also dressing the part shows that you’re a fun guy. If it’s just a regular party then you should dress up more than if you were just doing something normal like going to class are going to the mall. If you want a full article on how to dress well then let me know in the comments and I’ll go into detail for you guys and show some specifics for each age range that you can try.

Step 2 – Approach The Girl

So now that you’ve dressed well you have to actually go up to the girl. Now there’s 2 types of parties. Type number one is a party with loud ass music and dancing. In this case it’s usually easier to go up and try to dance with the girl even if she’s with her friends. Now that does not mean you should come up from behind and start rubbing your balls all over her. In fact you should never do that because it just makes you look like other creepy guys who have done that to her.

You should approach her on the dance floor from the front make eye contact with her and once the 2 of you eye link and are dancing after awhile just reach down and grab her hand do it in a confident way. If you’re weak about it it’s gonna look creepy. This is important because when you grab her hand she’ll either get closer to you and keep dancing or pull away and make it obvious that she’s not interested. If she is into it, then you can continue dancing with her, and then eventually grab her hips and pull her closer to you making your intentions quite clear.

Step 3 – Go For The Kiss

From here it’s usually pretty easy to go in for the kiss since your dancing with her from the front and it’s a lot more easy and intimate to lead up to than if you’re just grinding on her from behind. Personally I never grind anymore. I always approach from the front and it’s drastically increased my success rate.

Now in the case that it’s a more relaxed party where people are sitting around socializing, then coming up and dancing with her isn’t your best bet. The more chill the party is the more you are gonna have to up your game. In this scenario all you do is approach her in introduce yourself. Or you can have a mutual friend introduce you.

If she’s with her friends then it’s an easy way to approach. You have to slide into her “big V”. No, not that vicinity. LOL. You gotta get close to where like if she’s playing beer pong go get involved. If she does something good, look at her and say it looks like you’ve done this before. But a challenged women love to prove themselves. Just make sure you lose to her then ask her how she does it.

People are pretty open to socializing at a party so don’t over think this part too much. From there you can shake hands. Make sure you’re holding good eye contact throughout the conversation. Now and then you can steer the conversation by making a comment about something going on around you guys. Some other things to talk about our hobbies, interesting, things happening at school, pretty much anything that interests you.

Now I’m not going to be one of those bullshit pick up artists who sells you some super secret method to never run out of things to say to a girl. You have to practice talking to girls so you won’t feel awkward and you’ll slowly build up your confidence. You can use a conversation method like “O.S.A” which means “Observe Share and Ask”. I’ll have it linked here. Personally I talk about whatever I want.

When I’m with a girl and there was a bad ass episode of The Walking Dead on recently, I make eye contact, smile, introduce myself, and ask if she saw it? Of course she did, because everybody watches The Walking Dead and now we’re already talking about a mutual interest. in from there the conversation can naturally go to other TV shows or other hobbies, goals, dreams, whatever it doesn’t really matter what you’re saying, it matters how you say it. So make sure no matter what you’re talking about, you say it with confidence and you’re into the conversation and not just trying to impress her.

Step 4 – Make The Move

This part is simple. If you’ve done everything else right, if you’re talking to the girl confidently, have good eye contact, occasionally teasing her and having fun and you’ve been playfully touching her throughout the conversation, then the move should come naturally. There’s no real formula for this step. Get close, be touching her and when you feel like doing it that’s the right time. Just try, you’ll get a feel for it really fast.

Now sometimes the vibe of the party might not be right for hooking up. For example. Maybe your friends are all sitting there watching her and their quiet types who aren’t drinking and you know she doesn’t want to look like a slut in front of them for hooking up with a guy she just met. Just gauge it.

If it’s allowed, party things are cool. People acting crazy, the girl’s been good with you, playfully touching a bit, go ahead go for it. If you guys talk about how much you enjoy hiking then you can say something like “Hey I got to take off give me your number and I’ll text you the next time I go hiking so we can get together, that is of course if you think you can keep up”. Then hand her your phone so she can give it to you. Don’t ask like to question and don’t wait for to say yes are now just use the assumptive close just hand her your phone like it’s the obvious thing to do and she won’t think twice. That’s it. It’s easy.

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